Fast Track to Hell

Heroes don’t sign up to be heroes. They’re made.

While working as a cybersecurity expert for a shadow government agency, Jack Coyote intercepts a top-secret communiqué that hurtles him from a position of moral certainty into the realm of subterfuge, spies, and assassins.

When everybody comes gunning for him, he must track down the masterminds who set him up as a patsy. But first, he has to make a run for it.

A man wrongfully accused of murder and on the run usually has nowhere to go, no safe place to hide, and no one he can trust.

The odds are stacked against him. The risks are many and the personal rewards are none.

With his back against the wall, Jack has no choice but to chase down the bad guys and either bring them in or send them straight to Hell.

Before he can go after them, he must escape the clutches of powerful enemies who will go to any lengths to make sure he can never tell the world what he knows.

It’s a race against time that he must win.

Getting at the truth is easy. Getting out alive is hell.

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