Dead on Departure

The word has gone out …

Jack Coyote must be neutralized. Not with a bullet, a poison-tipped umbrella, or an inconvenient accident. But being set up for the fall.

Working as a cybersecurity expert for a secret agency in Washington D.C., Coyote unwittingly stumbles on a mind-blowing plot that could take down a nation, do away with the great American experiment, and sweep up every man, woman, and child into a dystopian nightmare. The discovery hurtles him from a position of moral certainty into the shadowy realm of subterfuge, spies, and assassins.

When his enemies attempt to silence him by any means possible, even if innocent people get in the way, he’s thrown into a dogfight that tests his cleverness, his character, and his courage. Coyote becomes a marked man and a reluctant hero.

Heroes don’t sign up to be heroes. Even if they did, heroes are never completely heroic just as cowards are never completely cowardly.

Chasing down the truth can get Coyote and anybody around him killed. He makes the only choice there is. Not to run and hide … but to turn and fight. Even if it means losing his life in the bargain … or if not his life, then his very soul.

The odds are stacked against him. The risks are many and the rewards are none. He’s thrown into a dogfight that tests his cleverness, his character, and his courage. But first, he has to make a run for it.

Finding the truth is the easy part. Getting out alive is the hard part. But retribution is out there somewhere, waiting for Jack Coyote, whose veins flow with the fighting spirit of his Apache ancestors.

Jack Coyote is out for blood in this action-packed political thriller series spanning the globe.


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