I N T E R C E P T . . . Seasons 1 & 2 Available Now!

Working as a cybersecurity expert for an obscure intelligence agency, Jack Coyote stumbles upon a plot so explosive that those in high places will do anything to keep it from being exposed. When he’s set up for the fall, Jack has no choice but to save his country from enemies within, even if it means losing his soul along the way. The truth is out there somewhere, waiting for a reluctant hero whose veins flow with the fighting spirit of his Apache ancestors in INTERCEPT, an action-packed political thriller spanning the globe.

Seasons 3 & 4 coming soon … look for announcements!

Dead on Departure (Intercept #1)
Dead on Departure (Intercept #1)
Dead on Departure (Intercept #1)
Dead on Departure (Intercept #1)

The White Knight Adventures


Sword of Justice


Unable to put down …


Highly recommended for the historical fiction enthusiast!


Smell the horse-sweat and feel the punches and sword clashes.

Romance ~ Mystery ~ Psychological Thriller

Tender, poignant–and great fun!


Enjoy a gritty tale in a gritty town.


How does one find the strength to fight against being framed when one has serious doubts about one’s own sanity?