Sword of Justice

A disgraced knight tests his mettle to save king and kingdom.

ENGLAND: In the year of grace, 1189

The king is dead! The king is dead! Long live the king!

After viewing his father King Henry II, resting in eternal sleep at the Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud, Richard the Lionheart sets sails for England. There, he is reunited with his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine, his brothers John and Geoffrey, and his betrothed, the beautiful Alais Capet of France. Before traveling to London for his coronation, Richard dubs his loyal squires—Drake and Stephen fitzAlan—as knights of the empire.

The brothers fitzAlan are lavishly fêted on the grounds of their father’s castle. Afterwards, they test their manhood in the first tournament to be sanctioned on English soil in many a year. The mêlée spreads far and wide across the countryside as knight takes on knight, capturing each other for ransom and glory. Taunted by a rival over the virtuousness of a fair maiden, Drake defends her honor by challenging the errant knight to a duel. Before the sun sets, Drake has been falsely branded a murderer and an outlaw.

Barely escaping a certain hanging, Drake assumes a disguise to hunt down the true killer. His adventures take him down a long and dangerous road, commencing with the underbelly of Winchester society, proceeding to London for the king’s coronation, and ending in Canterbury. During his travels, he encounters chases on and off a horse, fights with and without a sword, romantic trysts in and out of bed, and treachery at every turn. The stakes are high, not just for himself, but also for the new king and his kingdom.

In the pursuit of justice, Drake has one last duty to perform … a duel of honor before God and king.

In the tradition of Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, the White Knight Adventure series follows the exploits of Drake fitzAlan, a knight serving under Richard the Lionheart during his ten-year reign. Filled with intrigue, treachery, gamesmanship, courtly love, battles royale, family rivalries, war, romance, and the stuff of legends, the series will travel far and wide during one of the most tumultuous times in Medieval history.

Come along for the ride and get swept away by knights in shining armor and gallantry at the edge of a blade!

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