The Green-Eyed Dick 

Some reporters would kill for a scoop …

Dateline: Chicago, 1955

Meet Iris Grenadine, beat reporter with the Chicago Daily Standard. Hell-bent on using her pen as a sword and her wits as a lethal weapon, Iris chases after stories the way other women chase after prospective husbands.

When the mayor’s right-hand man is murdered in a place where no man wants to be caught dead, the only witness isn’t talking and neither is the mayor.

Determined to snag an exclusive that could break the town wide open, Iris arms herself with attitude, a fashion sense to die for, and a pearl-handled derringer.

After one corpse turns into two and two corpses turn into three, Iris finds herself looking down the wrong end of a gun barrel. Now the fun really begins.

No story is worth getting your brains blown to smithereens … or is it?

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