Crown of the Realm

A knight on the run must defend his family without sacrificing his honor.

Following the reign of King Richard the Lionheart of England, this second book of the White Knight Adventures opens in France in the year of grace 1190.

When the kings of England and France meet in Nonancourt to make final preparations for the Third Crusade, an assassin releases an arrow aimed at the hearts of one of those kings but fails when the bolt strikes a lady-in-waiting instead.

All fingers point toward Drake fitzAlan, a young knight serving under King Richard the Lionheart. Hunted down by loyal knights, Drake first makes haste to secure the safety of his beloved before returning to the castle to uncover the truth … if he can.

In a citadel where the assassin is still at-large, more will die before the night is out while Drake has run-ins with princes and fools, each man having motive enough to want Richard dead.

Drake makes his escape from loyal knights and bloodthirsty mercenaries hellbent to capture him. Just when he thinks he is in the clear, he’s kidnapped and made a pawn by powerful men who give him two false choices, both of which will lead to his ruination, either in the eyes of his king or in the destruction of his soul.

Follow Drake on his journey as he tracks down a network of assassins and traitors while being fêted by monks, troubadours, and charming ladies.

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